Mission Statement

IAmACockeyedOptimist.org is a non-profit organization committed to helping those suffering through mental or physical abuse and disorders. IAmACEO seeks to provide resources for treatment and forums of discussion for healing. We are committed to encouraging anyone to utilize our resources and share their stories. IAmACEO is dedicated to promoting the healing power of art in its many forms.



  • to provide and maintain an online list of resources for mental and physical health
  • to provide a forum to those going through difficult emotional or physical distresses to share their stories
  • to provide safe environments of discussion and dialogue at IAmACEO events
  • to spread a message of hope and optimism through artistic performances, lectures and other events
  • to emphasize and promote the arts as alternatives to self harming behaviors or decisions
  • to foster an environment for people to help each other and themselves

To sum it all up...this is all about HOPE.