Embracing Healing Through the Power of Art

Empowering healing through art for those facing mental and physical challenges. Join the healing discussion.

There is Always Hope

Founded by singer and musician Cynda Renae, I Am A Cockeyed Optimist began in 2014 with the mission of fostering hope and healing through positive artistic expression. Surviving neglect as a child and rape in college, Cynda turned to music to heal her pain. Through artistic performances, lectures and events, we provide a forum for dialogue and transformation. We also provide an online database of crisis resources for those who need it. With a focus on teens and young adults, we strive to make the current mental health epidemic a thing of the past.

From Pain to Power.

From Trauma to Triumph.

That's what it means to be a Cockeyed Optimist.

Embracing Healing Through Art Nonprofit Initiatives

Empowering healing and recovery through art and support for those facing mental and physical challenges. Join us in transforming lives.

Cultivating hope and optimism through artistic performances, lectures and events

Online Crisis Resource Listings for those who need extra support

Promoting the arts as alternatives to self-harm or harmful behavior towards others

Creating dynamic environments for discussion and transformation

Cultivating Optimism Through Artistic Expression

Inspiring positivity through music and lecture, our Artistic Assemblies bring a fresh take to an overplayed medium. Combining stories and songs, students will be engaged and inspired to deal with life challenges.

I loved the songs you played today for our school. I was truly inspired on being a better person and being more positive about myself. -Ahani, HS student

Get Help

In a Crisis? Get Help now by calling National Helplines.

Local listings available for California, Arizona and Nevada

Dial 988

Live Chat Available

Text TALK to 741741



Live Chat Available

Text START to 88788


Substance Abuse Hotline
Eating Disorders Hotlines

Nat'l Alliance for Eating Disorders

1-866-662-1235 (6am-4pm PST)


1-888-375-7767 (7am-7pm PST)

*both hotlines weekdays only

12 Step Programs

Listings of all types of 12-Step Programs. Their websites will have meeting listings and other resources.

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